Is Your Camper Sitting In Storage?



If your camper is just sitting in your driveway taking up space, or worse, sitting in a storage lot costing you money each month? Why not put it to work?  We can add your travel trailer or motor home to our rental fleet and have it start generating revenue for you.  You will remain 100% the owner of your camper while not having to do any of the work renting it out.  Depending on your camper, you could earn up to thousands of dollars per year.

Worried about someone else in your camper, not knowing how it works or damaging it? Don’t be!  We provide each renter with a detailed walk through of every camper. Every renter must have insurance, either provided by their insurance company or purchased through our booking company.  We also require a security deposit should any problems arise.  Below you will find some of the details of our consignment plan:

Can I still use my camper?

Yes of course!  You are free to use your camper anytime it is not rented.  If you have a trip planned in six months we will block those dates off for you.  After all its YOUR camper to use!

What kind of money can I make?

You receive 50% of the daily rental rate anytime your camper is rented through Southern Michigan Camper Rentals. If you have an RV you will also receive 50% of the mileage and generator charges. (Average week long rental income ranges from $250-$750 depending on the unit)

How much work is this for me?

Zero!  Thats the great thing, we do all the work, all you do is collect a check!

Where will my camper be?

While under contract your camper is required to be at our storage facility.  Some renters like to come look at a camper before booking them so it is easiest to have them all in one location.  Also this allows us to maintain them on a regular basis.

What about insurance?

We add your travel trailer or RV to our commercial insurance policy.  This covers it while in storage or while a renter is using it.  At the end of the month when we send out consignment checks we deduct the monthly insurance rate from your total check.  (Currently for travel trailers that averages $75.00-$100.00 a month)

How are damages handled?

While damages are rare sometimes they do happen.  All campers go out with a security deposit for minor issues to cover the cost of repair.  If a major event occurs the commercial insurance policy will cover the repair of any damages up to your stated value for the camper.

Will you rent my camper?

Currently all travel trailers and RV’s must be model year 2008 or newer in great condition.

What are you policies for Pets?

There are some of our campers that are pet friendly and some that are not.  If you want to allow pets in your camper thats up to you, it can increase your rentals as people love to travel with their pets!

Our stuff?

You can leave all of your stuff in the campers if you want or take it all out!  We rent all campers with basic pots, pans, silverware, cups, bowls, and dishes that will be provided to renters and taken out if you use your camper so you can put your stuff back in there.

What about maintenance?

All general maintenance items are covered by us such as washing, cleaning, greasing, and tire pressure checks.  If your camper is to break from a renters misuse then the renter is responsible to cover the cost.  If an item breaks from normal wear and tear we will pay to repair the item and take it out from your monthly consignment check.  All non renter responsible repairs will be cleared with the owner first.

I've got other questions!

Thats great!  Feel free to call us at our toll free number, 877-890-2267 and hit ext. 3 and we’ll answer any questions you may have!


If you’re ready to start making money, give us a call today!  Call us toll free at 877-890-2267 and we’ll be happy to help!